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Arriving to Jakarta

Arriving to Jakarta Customs Formalities Getting Around

Arriving to Jakarta
Arriving to Jakarta, you will be entering Indonesia through the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport also known locally as “Cengkareng” (because of its location) provides you with a glimpse of what is to follow. That is to say the airport looks like a modern, international airport. However, with few exceptions, it is not as convenient and organized as it may appear or you may expect.

The International Arrival Hall is clean and pleasantly decorated with artifacts from around the archipelago. Upon disembarking you will proceed directly to immigration.

Visitors and tourists entering Indonesia need a valid passport, visa and a completed disembarkation card and customs declaration (given to you on the aircraft and filled out prior to arrival at the immigration desk) and onward/ return tickets to your next destination. Upon successful presentation of these item to the immigration official visitors will be granted access to the country for 30 days.

Some Asean countries are given a free visa upon arrival, all others will be required to obtain a visa in order to enter the country. Some nationalities may apply and pay for the visa upon arrival most, though, will need to apply, pay and obtain the visa prior to arriving to Indonesia. For more information on visa rules and requirements click here.

Once past Immigration you will find luggage carts available free of charge. The carts are not well maintained so be prepared. As you make your way to the luggage claim area you will pass restrooms, banks, duty free shops, moneychangers and ATMs etc. If you don't have any local currency now is the time to change a bit. (Unless the company car is picking you up, you will need it for the taxi ride into town). The rate may not be the best, but you at least won't be fumbling with your luggage while surrounded by a crowd hawking rides and whatnot.

Customs Formalities
Once you have claimed your luggage you proceed to Customs. Present your “Customs Declaration” to the attendant and place all carry on bags or parcels on the conveyor that passes through an X-ray machine. For the record you are allowed 1 liter of alcohol and up to 200 cigarettes (or 50 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco) duty free.

Computers, cameras, video cameras, cassette recorders and sports equipment are allowed provided that they are taken out of the country when you leave. Such items are supposed to be declared to Customs officials but this requirement is difficult to enforce and is often ignored by officials and visitors alike.

Prohibited items include: Firearms, narcotic drugs, Chinese medicines and anything with Chinese printing. Also films, video tapes and laser discs must be screened by the Board of Censors (but truth be told this is seldom - if ever - happens).

There is no restriction on the import or export of foreign currencies and travelers checks. However, importing or exporting Indonesian Rupiah in excess of 10 million is prohibited.

Getting Around
Once past Customs, you walk through the glass door and it's "Selamat Datang !" (Welcome to Jakarta). You will be "greeted" by hundreds of people offering "transport". If you will be picked up by the hotel or company car the driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. If not, read on. Getting to your hotel and then around Jakarta safely and stress-free is so important to a successful business trip that we devote an entire page to the subject - click here

That said, if you do take a taxi from the airport, you can now choose the taxi. Our choice is Blue Bird (blue Toyota sedans) or its upmarket equivalent Silver Bird (black Volvo sedans). Either way, in addition to the amount displayed on the metre you will also need to pay an airport 'taxi fee' of Rp. ----- as well as road tolls. Currently (as of Oct. 2005) the total amount of tolls from the airport to the centre of Jakarta is Rp. 8,500. You can pay this when you reach your destination or give the driver Rp. 10,000.- or Rp. 20,000.- at the first toll booth and he will keep the change until the second toll booth, pay the second toll and then return to you the balance.

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Jakarta Weather

Located on the island of Java at 6.08 degrees south of the equator (see map) Jakarta's weather is very tropical. Days and nights are nearly equally long at 12 hours each (however depending of the time of year this may vary a half an hour or so).

The average temperature during the day seldom varies more than a few degrees above or below 28 to 34 Celsius (82 to 94 Fahrenheit).

Jakarta shares the same monsoon climate (wet/dry) with Bali & Lombok. FYI, monsoon refers to the wind, not rain. Historically, the wet season used to start in October and wind up in March. However, in recent years it's becoming more difficult to define the wet season because it is often likely to rain before October (as early as August) and after March (as late as May).

Weather wise, May, June & July are considered the best.

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