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BOGOR: Home to the Istana Bogor (Indonesia's version of Camp David) & Kebon Raya (Botanical Gardens). Bogor is a small, delightful town just an hour outside Jakarta. Other than walking around the Palace grounds there's not much to do - but if you are new to Indonesia and don't have much time a quick jaunt to Bogor would be a good idea.

BANDUNG: A pleasant 3 hour train trip from Gambir Station in Jakarta winds through the countryside and brings you to the city that has been referred to as the 'Paris of the East'. Nestled in the mountains of Java at some 750 meters above sea level, Bandung's cooler climate has always been its major draw. The average daytime temperature is 22C / 70F degrees.

Bandung is without question home to an impressive display of art-deco architecture. Several of Indonesia's leading universities are located here making it a lively student haven. It was here also that Indonesia’s first President, Sukarno, convened the first ever meeting of the 'Non Aligned Nations' in 1957. As well, several clothing manufacturers are located in Bandung & 'Jeans Street' is a bargain hunters dream for clothing and accessories. FYI, in order to remain objective, hotels are listed in alphabetical order. We don't favor any hotel for any reason.

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