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: : Central Jakarta : :
Central Jakarta is as its name implies central to the life of Jakarta. It is here that The Presidential Palace and many other of the most important government offices are located as well as where most international firms are headquartered.

The main thoroughfare, Jl. Sudirman, anchors Jakarta's Golden Triangle to the west. It is on Jl. Sudirman (and its northern extension Jl. Thamrin) that you will find Jakarta's largest, most prestigious office buildings and luxurious five star hotels. As such, if you are in Jakarta for business this is most probably where you will be spending most of your time and of course, money. (FYI - Jakarta's Golden Triangle is actually in South Jakarta).

The exclusive residential areas of Menteng and Casablanca are located here together with many major shopping malls that feature designer boutiques, beauty salons as well as numerous state of the art health and fitness centres. FYI, in order to remain objective hotels are listed in alphabetical order. We don't favor any hotel for any reason.

Jakarta Hotels - Central Jakarta
Preferred Star Hotels in Central Jakarta

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